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How to Set Up Automatic Storage In MS Word

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When we finish typing the task in ms word the most important thing that should not be forgotten is to save the document.
In this tutorial I will discuss how to set ms word to save our documents automatically or Auto Save it aims to anticipate things we do not want.

Auto Save in MS Word serves to save our documents periodically while we're typing, so our documents will be safer when we megetik use the computer and suddenly off lights or other obstacles

Storing MS Word documents automatically is actually very easy to do we can also set the storage of ms word to the folder we want

For friends who do not understand how to set up automatic storage in MS Word please read the easy way below.

How to Set Up Automatic Storage In MS Word

#1.Open MS Word on friends' computers

#2. Click> File> Options,

#3. Then will appear a new window Word Options here we can set the automatic storage or Auto Save that we want we can also change the location of MS Word file storage, how to click> Save> In the Save AutoRecover information every box, friends can change from the number 10 minutes according to what we want for example 2 mintes, then ms word will automatically save every span of two minutes, and this I think can be safer to anticipate kehilanagn documents,

then if we want to determine the location of MS Word file storage we can set it in the default file location box, click Browse and specify in what folder MS Word file will be in the last save do not forget click OK.

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